The Rio-Vitalise Kiosk

Premium raw, Organically grown CBD & CBG products

Rio-Vitalise Beach Kiosk

The Rio-Vitalise Kiosk

Our Rio-Vitalise kiosk is located in a picturesque position at the front of South Parade Pier, Southsea, Portsmouth.

It is the perfect check point for any walk along the seafront and we offer delicious treats here that everyone will enjoy!


Opening in the Summer of 2020 our aim was to offer natural, vegan smoothies to the community – with the addition of one optional, and beneficial added ingredients, our Rio-Vitalise CBD/CBG Oil.

For us, this is a great way to offer healthy smoothies, which taste good as well as spread the word on CBD/CBG Oil and irradicate the common fears people have around the product.

Adding CBD/CBG Oil to your smoothie comes at no extra cost and is the perfect way to trial and learn about our oil before purchasing.

Rio-Vitalise Smothies


Have you tried one of our Rio-Vitalise soups? These are on offer at our Kiosk during the cooler months and come in an array of different flavours, we have an organic and plenty of vegan options available. Of course, you can also add our CBD/CBG Oil to these, again at no extra cost.


Start off with a chocolate block with a wooden stick attached – hot milk is then poured over the chocolate to create an oozy delicious hot drink before your eyes. Flavours served:

All with the optional topping of whipped cream and marshmallows/sprinkles.

Rio-Vitalise Hot Chocolate

We are open come rain or shine – so pop down and say hi, pick up some Rio-Vitalise treats and have a chat about our products!

Please check our social media for current kiosk opening hours.

When we first got the Kiosk, it was slightly unloved and in need of a good spruce up! After some TLC our vision came to life and the Rio Vitalise Kiosk was born.


Rio Vitalise Smoothie Kiosk refurbishment
Rio Vitalise Smoothie Kiosk refurbishment
Rio Vitalise Smoothie Kiosk refurbishment


Rio-Vitalise Smoothie Kiosk
Rio-Vitalise Smoothie Kiosk
Rio-Vitalise Smoothie Kiosk

Since the kiosk has been open, everyone has been enjoying our delicious, healthy soups and smoothies, whilst also benefiting from our CBD product. After gaining a following of people around Portsmouth, we realised that Rio-Vitalise was not just a CBD brand, we offer a lot more than that. So decided to introduce… #therioway

Rio-vitalise beach kiosk map