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Rio-Vitalise Team

Welcome To Rio-Vitalise

Here at Rio-Vitalise we specialise in CBD & CBG, but we are much more than just a CBD brand pushing out products. We are dedicated to holistic health & wellbeing, our purpose and passion in life is to inspire and motivate people in living a healthy lifestyle in all areas; physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. We are building a growing community of positive, healthy and likeminded people through our community, it’s the #therioway.

Our Story

We are Alfie and George, two entrepreneurs living on the South Coast in Southsea, Portsmouth.

We each have our own unique stories that inspired us to start Rio-Vitalise, and we would love to share them with you.

Rio-Vitalise Founders

Our Farm

All our CBD/CBG products come directly from our farm – The Cannabiosfera, which is located in Spain. This farm is situated on a Biosphere Reserve and all crop is cared for by hand, from the CBD/CBG to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil it is combine with. We regularly take trips to visit the farm and have weekly virtual meetings with the farm management to keep up to date with all elements. We believe in complete product transparency and work hard to ensure our products all fall in line with our company ethos.

This is why Rio-Vitalise is a product you can trust.



From farm to customer ensuring the highest quality

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Organic CBD fed by the Rio-Cabriel river

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Sustainably sourced packaging and ingredients