about rio-vitalise



Rio-Vitalise are on a mission to change the landscape of modern-day wellness through the power of CBD + CBG.

Our values and personal stories are the driving force behind the community-led brand.

A word from our founder, Alfie

I first discovered the power of CBD & CBG, when my dad fell seriously ill and was given 2% chance of survival, with a life expectancy of up to six months.

After extensive research, I put together a wellness program for him, alongside a course of CBD & CBG oil. Three years later my dad is still with us today and I believe we have this oil to thank for it.

For me and my family, this experience was a massive eye-opener to the magic of Cannabinoids.

Rio-Vitalise was formed from this passion, with our key aim to help, promote and educate others, as we support our community on their journey towards a healthier and happier life.


Introducing The Southsea Wellness Hub

Being immersed in our community and recognising the impact of COVID19 on our society, we are launching the Southsea Wellness Hub in our current space at South Parade Pier. 

Our vision for the Southsea Wellness Hub is to create a community base for individuals to drop in, receive peer to peer support, and join like-minded individuals eager to better their mental and physical health.

As a company, we are particularly keen to encourage men in our community to talk about their mental health struggles as suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50.

We will be working alongside local organisations to provide our community with various activities, with our hub as a central meeting point.

Our classes will span across mental and physical health and creativity, including yoga, breath workshops, HIIT, sea swimming, personal finance, nutrition, book clubs, and photography.

We will also give back to our community by participating in charitable work.

Southsea Wellness Hub

If you would like to know more about our products, our journey or would like to discuss your own experiences with CBD, please feel free to reach out via email – info@rio-vitalise.com or via our social media channels – @riovitalise