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Introducing Rio-Vitalise

We are Alfie and George, two entrepreneurs living on the South Coast in Southsea, Portsmouth.

We each have our own unique stories that inspired us to start Rio-Vitalise, and we would love to share them with you.

Alfie's Story

I witnessed the full effects of CBD back in 2017, when my father, Rick, suddenly fell extremely ill – diagnosed with a triple aortic split from his neck to his legs, he was given a 2% chance of survival. He defied all odds by surviving the initial diagnosis but was then given the further bad news of only one year to live, on top of that, he was told by medical professionals that he would never be able to work or walk more than 250 yards a day.

My father isn’t the type to give up, and after research, he decided to start taking CBD oil. Fast-forward three years to now, and my father is healthier than ever, walking a mile a day and swimming each morning in the sea. The doctors at St. Thomas Hospital call him ‘The Miracle Man’ and are simply amazed by his continued progress. For us as a family, we genuinely believe we have CBD to thank for this.


George's Story

I have always been passionate about health, well-being, and fitness. From a young age, I have maintained a healthy diet and worked out to keep my mind and body strong. Having always been into fitness, I am very familiar with the aches and pains that are associated with following a regime. Although it never stopped me altogether, I was beginning to suffer more and more.

I decided to research ways to help with pain management, and this led me to CBD oil, which I then decided to start supplementing. Within no time at all, I noticed a remarkable difference. My aches and pains were gone, and aside from this, I was getting a more restful nights sleep -waking up with much more energy and therefore able to push myself even harder each day.

While I was going through my CBD journey, I also witnessed a family friend use CBD oil alongside his cancer treatment. This friend firmly believes that the CBD helped with managing his side-effects and gave him more energy. As well as this, my Grandma, Lynda, was suffering with Lung Cancer. Lynda began taking the CBD/CBG Oil and within weeks she said she felt she had a lot more energy, and a lot more life in her! Although not fully recovered, things are looking a lot more positive for her.

Lifelong friends to business partners

Having known each other for years, from time to time, we would discuss the great things we were witnessing regarding CBD. After each chat, we got more and more excited, expanding our knowledge with research and being amazed by what we were discovering. Eventually, we both decided we wanted to take our passion and make it into a business.

We took a leap of faith; for George, this meant stepping away from his construction company. For Alfie it meant putting his business of three years on hold, so we were both able to focus all our time and energy into our new venture. From the start, we have been keen to share our stories with the people around us and having seen first-hand the great potential in CBD oil. We feel hugely motivated to help others, and support them on their journey towards a healthier and happier life.

For both for us, our experiences were a massive eye-opener to the magic of CBD. Rio-Vitalise was formed to help us to promote and educate others, in the hope that they too could experience the positive benefits.

Rio Vitalise business partners

If you would like to know more about our products, our journey or would like to discuss your own experiences with CBD, please feel free to reach out via email – [email protected] or via our social media channels: